Woman Woken In Middle Of The Night Discovers She's Not Alone-- And Her Intruder Is Not Human

It sounds like a nightmare, but one Oklahoma resident was lucky that she lived to tell the tale. Things could have gone very bad for this woman, who woke up in the middle of the night to discover a dangerous intruder in her home.

Thankfully, no one was hurt-- not even the unwanted guest.

Bonnie Moriarty was home in her bedroom in Bixby, Oklahoma, sleeping alone in her bedroom. Her husband was away on a trip, but the children were all sleeping soundly upstairs and Moriarty thought the house was secure.

She was sleeping as well, until she was startled awake by some noise. She heard some stirring in another room.

Initially, Moriarty thought it was her cat and dog were in the living room getting into trouble. In the dark, she then saw what looked like her cat, followed by her dog, race into her bedroom. The cat ran under the bed and the dog cowered in a corner.

She was about to roll over an go back to sleep when she heard her dog come into the room, barking in distress. This made her realize that the creature in the corner, the one that had followed the cat in a moment earlier, was not her dog.

"And that's when I realized, 'Holy crud, I've got a coyote stuck in my bedroom,'" Moriarty said to KOKI, a local news station.

The mom screamed, waking up the whole household. The children rushed downstairs and they managed to get the family and pets out of the bedroom, closing the door on the coyote. Moriarty called the police, who promptly showed up to handle the situation.

At that time, she realized that the coyote had broken in through the back door. It hadn't been bolted, so he managed to use his strength to push it open. "He somehow just lunged at the door and the door opened," she said.

Police caught the coyote with dog catcher poles and took him outside. He was released and ran back into the woods, probably very happy to have gotten out of that scary situation. The coyote seemed as startled and frightened as the rest of the family.

Thankfully, no one, not even the intruder, was injured. That will probably be the last time that coyote tries to break into any houses.

Unfortunate homeowners occasionally find that they have been invaded by an unwanted guest, and it can be dangerous and leave a real mess behind. In Great Britain, one woman woke up to find a couple of cows had wandered into her home.

She accidentally left the door open. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the cows did relieve themselves on her white carpet. That will teach her to keep the front door secured.

One homeowner posted a picture on Reddit that he took through the window. He came home and it looked like there was a break-in, so he walked around to peek in the window and found a cougar destroying his blinds.

One Connecticut woman was shocked when a 400-lb bear broke into her home and walked into her bedroom. She just played dead, not knowing what to do. Thankfully, it left, and the woman called for help.

Source: The Dodo
Photos: YouTube Screenshots

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