Woman Thought It Was A Stray Cat She Took In, But Her Grandson Had News for Her

Have you ever known one of those people who were always taking in stray cats? For one man, that was his grandmother.

He was never surprised to walk into her home and find a small colony of cats lounging around the place. One time he went to visit his grandma and was surprised to see another animal hidden among the cats.

He had to explain to her that she had an intruder.

Eric Hertlein couldn't help but post the details of a recent trip to his grandmother's house on Twitter. He snapped a picture, or no one might actually believe him.

His grandmother's vision wasn't the best, and she goofed this time.

His grandma was always taking care of stray cats, but when Hertlein went into her home this time, it wasn't just cats milling about the home. In one of the cat beds in the corner, curled up on the cushion, pleased as punch, there was an opossum.

Hertlein was a bit shocked. His grandmother was confused by his reaction and told him it was a new cat that had been coming around for a while.

He was very sweet and gentle. She named him 'Tete' and took him in.

"My grandma has been taking care of a possum these last couple months thinking it was just another cat lmaoo what is u doing grams," Eric wrote on Twitter, along with a crying laughing emoji.

Hertlein broke the news to his grandmother, and she was stunned, and more than a little confused.

“She reassured me it was one of her cats,” Eric said later to The Dodo. “I told her it wasn’t what she thought it was.”

The grandmother took a closer look, because she thought her grandson was playing a joke on her. She got closer to Tete, and Hertlein pointed out the possum’s pointed nose, and long, skinny tail.

“I laughed for a good five minutes,” he said.

“She didn’t realize what I was laughing about until I started pointing out the pointy nose and skinny tail. She didn’t realize he wasn’t a cat.”

The grandmother stared in amazement while the news sank in. But after giving the matter a little thought, she just shrugged it off.

“She kinda just sat there,” Hertlein recalls. “Then she got a little closer … and slowly looked up at me with the biggest grin on her face and said, ‘Well, he hasn’t bothered me yet, so I’m OK with him being here!'”

Since grandma and the other cats didn't seem to mind Tete was an opossum, he got to stay. Grandma told Hertlein that when Tete first started coming around, he was younger, smaller and looked like a wet kitten.

She thought he was just another abandoned cat, but it looks like the opossum was an orphan looking for someone to care for him. He seemed to really like the new accommodations, though, and fit right in.

Hertlein says his grandmother is still taking care of Tete. She's an animal lover through and through, and shows all creatures great kindness and compassion.

The grandson is inspired by her.

“She loves animals and taking care of them whenever she can,” he said. “It kind of just motivates you to do better and treat other beings better too.”

Source: Animal Channel, Bored Panda
Photo: Eric Hertlein

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