Woman Loved Sleeping With Her Pet Snake, Vet Warns Her Not To

Lots of pet owners love to curl up with their animals at night. If you know anyone who owns a cat or a dog, they probably have lots of stories about the fur baby hogging the sheets or getting in the way at night.

It's not just owners of furry animals who like to cuddle up with their pets; one woman with a giant snake liked to take her python to bed with her every night. She thought that she and the snake were bonding; he thought that she looked delicious.

According to animal channel, one woman might have gone a little overboard in trying to snuggle up with her pet python. She would bring the 7-foot-long snake to bed with her every night because it made her feel closer to him.

The snake began spreading out across her body ever night while she slept, stretching out over her from head to toe. She thought they were bonding, but she thought wrong.

After a few weeks of sleeping with her snake, the snake seemed to lose its appetite. It suddenly stopped eating its normal food.

The woman, concerned about her pet, brought him to a veterinarian for a checkup.

She told the vet that the snake had skipped the last few meals she offered it, which was odd. He used to love feeding time and always jumped on the opportunity in the past.

She couldn't understand why her beloved snake wasn't eating.

The vet agreed that the snake seemed to be starving himself but couldn't find a health reason why. Then the woman revealed the odd sleeping arrangements, and the vet had some shocking news for her.

Apparently, the snake wasn't eating because he was saving his appetite for a huge meal: his owner.

The vet explained to the woman that the reason the snake was stretching out on her was not because he was getting affectionate, or simply comfortable. He was doing it to size her up for his next meal.

In a way, the snake was trying to figure out how to eat the grown woman. He was just being patient and waiting for the right moment.

The shocked woman is not likely inviting her snake into her bed anymore.

The story has been circulating on the internet for a while, but there doesn’t seem to be a credible source. It’s unclear if it ever really happened or if it’s just an urban legend.

What’s frightening is that it’s plausible; If a python is big enough, it can actually kill and swallow a human being whole. And it only takes an hour.

A video from Indonesia proves it.

A 25-year-old man named Akbar Salubrio had gone missing, and in searching for him people came across a 23-foot-long reticulated python. The python was looking rather swollen, as if it had just fed on something large.

When the people cut into the reptile, they found the young farmer's body.

Primates are commonly prey for some of the largest snakes in the world, and humans are part of the primate family. Usually they eat smaller primates, like monkeys.

Occasionally, they'll swallow something larger, like an orangutan. On rare occasion, a human. But the snake would have to be a lot bigger than 7 feet long to pull off that kind of meal.

Source: Animal Channel, Honest To Paws
Photo: Boredom Therapy, Wikimedia, Animal Channel

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