Woman Found Abandoned Dog Tied To A Tree, But Pup Got A Happy Ending

On January 13, a teacher in Baltimore was out early one cold winter morning walking her dogs. She was going by Patterson Park when she spotted a dog who was tied to a tree.

She was horrified to find a note saying that the dog had been abandoned and she called for help. Thankfully, the dog was rescued, and he has a new forever home with an Army specialist.

Stephanie Dagenhart found the poor pooch all alone in frigid temperatures. She attempted to get closer to the dog, but he appeared to be in distress and very nervous.

After sitting on a bench near him for a while, he calmed down enough so she could get close.

Dagenhart was heartbroken. She found a note on a crate next to the dog that said, "This is Duke; he has his favorite toy, his crate and his food, and he needs a new home and someone to love him."

"I’m such a dog lover, I just couldn't imagine. I had my own two dogs with me when I arrived at the park and immediately called 911, and then called my fiancé to come take my dogs because I didn't want to leave Duke, but didn't want to attempt to approach him with my two dogs," Dagenhart said.

When the rescue team picked up Duke, they brought him somewhere warm, fed him and gave him a medical exam. The dog seemed in much better spirits and as it turned out, he's really very sweet and lovable.

The story about Duke hit the news, and offers to adopt him came pouring in. The shelter had to wait a mandatory three days before they could officially put him up for adoption, because the law requires they give the owners a chance to come get their pet.

The pet owners, probably realizing that they could face animal cruelty charges for the way they abandoned Duke, never showed up.

“He is a big goofball. He’s a big mush," said one of the shelter employees.

"He’s a very strong dog, so he’s going to need somebody who's going to help him walk on the leash. He knows he’s handsome and he knows he’s a popular guy."

The worker continued, "He’s one of the dogs, which I love dogs like this, that when people walk by, he’s like ‘You’re here to say hi to me, correct?'”

On the day Duke went up for adoption, U.S. Army Specialist Wallace White happened to come in to adopt a dog.

He was drawn to Duke right away, and the two hit it off. He didn't even know that Duke had been in the news lately.

A friend showed Wallace a news story about Duke later, which surprised him. He had no idea he had a celebrity on his hands; he just liked Duke for who he was.

The shelter believes the previous owner took care of Duke, but that they didn’t understand their options when they were no longer able to care for the dog. They urge people to surrender their dogs to shelters and to fill out the proper paperwork when they do.

It’s the best way to ensure the animals will be safe.

Source: Fox 46, Baltimore Sun
Photo: Stephanie Dagenhart, BARCS/Facebook, Kim Dacey WBAL/Twitter

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