Visitors Can’t Get Enough Of This Huge Gorilla - You Have To See This (Video)

Have you heard of Ambam the gorilla? If you use social media at all, you probably have. The gorilla got a lot of attention after a video of him walking upright like a man went viral. Ambam continues to be in the spotlight.

Ambam, 24, is a western lowland gorilla living in Port Lympne wild animal park in the UK. He has a habit of walking on two legs like a human. Park employees filmed Ambam, put the video up on social media and made the primate famous.

Born in captivity, a serious illness required Ambam to be removed from his mother at a young age. Ambam was lucky he had humans to nurse him back to health. Disease and poaching are causing a sharp decline in lowland gorillas. Wildlife experts estimate that some 60% of these magnificent beasts have been wiped out in the last 20 years.

Ambam's sister Tamba and her son Kabale also like to walk on two legs. It seems to be a family trait.

Videos of Ambam are adorable and entertaining to watch. He's definitely one of the more enjoyable 'reality stars' these days.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: YouTube

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