Throw These Pet Treats Out Immediately, Otherwise You're Risking Your Pet's Life

Dog owners who keep pig's ears in the cupboard for their furry family members might want to consider returning them. The Food and Drug Administration says several brands distributed through the United States and Canada are being recalled for possible salmonella tainting.

According to the FDA, salmonella was found by one company during routine testing. They suspended distribution and called the FDA in to find the source of the problem.

The four brands that could possibly be tainted include Barnsdale Farms, Barnsdale Farms Select, HoundsTooth and Mac’s Choice. They're sold in 6-packs, 12-packs and 25-pound bags, as well as individually in shrink-wrapped packages.

Many dogs enjoy chewing on pig ears, which are considered a tasty snack for canines. Not only does a dog enjoy it, but the dry, crunchy ears can help keep a dog's teeth healthy by removing plaque and food residue. It’s not uncommon for pig ears to be tainted with salmonella, however, and pet owners are warned to be cautious.

Salmonella, a bacterium that comes from feces, can have a negative effect on the health of any animal who eats a product tainted with it. The salmonella also poses a threat to humans. If humans come into contact with the product and fail to wash their hands thoroughly, or if they become infected by interacting with their own threat, they too can suffer an illness from the bacteria.

For a healthy person or pet, salmonella poisoning is usually just a discomfort. You could experience flu-like symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and cramps. In more serious cases, bloody stool may occur.

For a human or pet who is very old, very young or who suffers from a suppressed immune system, salmonella poisoning can be more serious, and in some cases, deadly.

IF consumers believe they've purchased the tainted products they should call the manufacturer, or return the product to the store for a refund.

Source: Seattle Times
Photo: America Now, Facebook

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