Thief’s Sister Tracks Down Owners Of Vehicle - Returns Dogs

While some thieves are rather stealth and will meticulously plan out their targets to insure they can get their hands on the stuff they crave when no one is around, others lean more towards the brazen side. Thieves that land on this side of the ledger will pounce at a moments notice, consequences be damned.

If they come across what they see as an easy mark, they’re going to take it right then and there.

Such was the case with a recent car robbery that took place at the Holiday gas station in Maplewood, Minnesota. A couple named Hillary and Joe had stopped to fuel up, and they wound up taking a pit stop of their own while doing so.

They left the car running since they were just going to be a second, and they also wanted to keep their dogs that were in the backseat warm from the frigid temps. That proved to be a costly mistake.

As Little Things shares, a thief would pounce while they were taking care of business. They would return to find that their car was gone.

The couple was incredibly distressed at the loss of the vehicle and the cell phone that had been left inside, but they were besides themselves over the thought that the thief had taken off with their precious pooches to boot.

They would rush to the local police to report what had happened, and the wheels were set in motion for what turned out to be something rather remarkable.

Responding officers would quickly gather security footage of the incident, and they quickly posted it on social media. The post was shared thousands of times, and one of those that came across it was the thief’s sister.

She didn’t hesitate to reach out to the distraught pet owners, and she made it her mission to make sure there would be a reunion. Hillary and Joe were a little hesitant at first, but they agreed to meet with her to see if she could deliver on her promises.

To their surprise, the woman returned the dogs as promised. She didn’t have any information that would be useful in the recovery of their vehicle, but the couple is still incredibly grateful for her act of kindness - even though their current predicament is a direct result of her brother’s actions.

“The girl that met with him was very nice, very apologetic,” Hillary said. “Unfortunately, she didn’t have a lot of additional information, no location of her brother or the vehicle. All she was able to tell us was that the [dogs] were taken care of.”

We’ll assume it’s lesson learned for Hillary and Joe when it comes to leaving a vehicle idling while running errands. Many jurisdictions discourage the practice by rendering it illegal, but that’s still not enough of a deterrent for some folks.

As we can see with this harrowing tale, it just takes a second for a thief to set their sights on something and take off before you know what hit you. That second that you think you’ll be inside often turns into much more, and it’s pretty foolish to think that you’re saving some kind of valuable time by leaving your vehicle running.

Shut it off, lock it up, and go do what you have to do. The inconvenience you’ll experience by having to start it up again is nothing in comparison to having your mode of transportation yanked away with precious cargo inside.   

Source: Little Things
Photo: YouTube

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