Stray Dog Keeps Escaping - Learn The Touching Reason Why

Krystle Woodward runs a nonprofit shelter for stray animals in town of Fowler, California.

The no-kill shelter is named Pinky Paws ResQ, and has a mission to save dogs who have nowhere else to go.

So when local residents spotted a bull terrier running around town, they contacted Woodward out of concern.

Woodward explained in an interview: “Many people in my hometown of Fowler, Ca. came to me asking me to help her because they had seen her on the streets for weeks and some saw her when she was pregnant.”

Woodward and her husband were eventually caught the dog (named Betty) using a cage trap.

Betty, however, made a point of escaping her pen and scavenging the local area.

But Woodward was not going to give up on Betty:

“I could tell when she looked at me she needed my help so I wanted to help change her life and show her real love.”

They eventually trapped the bull terrier again and took her to a vet to check for injuries. She had no major injuries, but she had just given birth to a litter of puppies that were probably still nursing.

Woodward knew she had to find those helpless puppies: “I cried all night thinking about those puppies out there.”

So Woodward put Betty on a leash the next day, and prayed the momma dog would lead her to the puppies.

The animal lover explains that she played “puppy sounds” on her phone to encourage Betty to start searching.

She remarked: ”…she started leading me two miles out into the country then as she got closer she slowed down. She took me down the vineyards to an abandoned farm house."

In what can only be described as a miracle, under the floor of the farmhouse, which was a solid two miles away from the shelter, Woodward discovered 10 healthy puppies.

It was amazing that Betty had been traveling over two miles each way every day to feed her puppies.

Woodward noted: “I can't even describe my emotions when I saw the puppies, I had so many and now we love playing with her and the puppies."

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photos: Facebook

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