She Has Been Sleeping With Her Snake Every Night, Then Doctor Breaks The News

Having pets can be equal parts frustrating and heart-warming. Many people become so attached to their pets, be they dogs or cats or other animals, that they let them sleep in their bed at night. Both the animal and the human are often comforted by the presence of a beloved owner or pet during the night. More and more people are beginning to allow unconventional pets in the bedroom. For one unnamed woman, having a pet python nearly proved to be the death of her. While highly unconventional as a pet, the woman loved the python and treated the snake like it was a member of the family, sleeping with it in the bed every night.

The python’s owner felt very close to her snake, snuggling into the reptile while it curled around her and slithered through the bed. The anonymous woman was astounded that a snake, renowned as being cold, calculating creatures, could show so much love. The only thing that had begun to trouble the woman was that her snake had stopped eating the food she regularly fed it.

However, the python’s owner would eventually find out how snakes have got such a cunning reputation. After several days of the 7-foor long snake refusing to eat, the woman decided to pay a visit to the local veterinary clinic. After giving the python a brief examination, the vet determined that the python was not afflicted with any health issues that prevented it from eating. The confused vet was puzzled by the python’s seemingly deliberate attempt to starve itself and decided to ask the snake’s owner a few questions about the animal’s living arrangements and behavior.

When the woman revealed to the vet that the python slept with her and was regularly moving around and stretching itself in bed, the vet’s blood began to run cold. In a stunning turn of events, the vet told the snake’s owner that her pet python had been preparing to constrict and consume the woman in the night. The python has been refusing food because it was making space in its stomach for a human sized meal.

The terrifying incident has highlighted that some pets are simply not suitable for the bedroom and may even be better off in the wild.

Source: Boredom Therapy
Photo: YouTube

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