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Sad Note Says How Poor Dog Was Abandoned, But Future Looks Bright

It's sad to see a dog abandoned by humans, but this poor dog's tail was total heartbreak. Someone left the aging pup tied to a pole in Virginia with brief note that explained everything.

At first, animal rescuers didn't know what they were going to do with the dog, but thankfully it all worked out in the end.

The black and white dog, a miniature schnauzer-poodle mix, was spotted under the hot sun in Richmond, Virginia last month. He was tied to a pole all alone on a street corner and seemed unable to move.

A passerby was worried about the dog and called Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC).

The team was glad that the good Samaritan called. The dog was clearly older and very scared; sitting under the summer sun for a day or two could have been bad for any dog, but for this dog in particular.

“We’re grateful someone saw him and called us, so he didn’t have to stay tied to a pole for a day and a half,” said Christie Chipps Peters, director of RACC, to The Dodo.

When rescuers began to until the dog, they stumbled upon a note that was tied around the pup's neck. It was written in black marker on a piece of cardboard, and fastened to the leash with a twisted paperclip.

"My name is Oreo," the note read. "I'm over 10 years old. I have anxiety. My owner died. I'm really good. I need a home."

It's sad that the person didn't bring Oreo to a shelter, but many shelters charge people to surrender animals. It's possible this person just didn't know what else to do. Thankfully, Oreo was in good hands now, but it was going to be a challenge.

For a dog Oreo's age, after years of living with the same owner, a shelter can be an intimidating place. Oreo wasn't just a senior dog; he was also suffering from common old age ailments. He was going deaf and blind.

“He’s been nervous the whole time, really,” Peters said. “When you hold him he starts to settle down a little bit.”

Workers at the shelter wanted to make Oreo's stay as comfortable and calming as possible. “We try to keep his environment quite similar,” Peters said. “We have the same kennel staff working with him, so there’s some consistency. And as much as he can be comforted, we make an effort to — but it is scary to be in a new environment when you can’t see well or hear great.”

Finding a home for an aging dog with so many health problems was going to be tough, though, and the staff new it. They advertised Oreo and shared his story, and a lot of people were touched by it. Some called to express interest in adopting Oreo, but they never showed up to actually get him. For a while there, it looked like Oreo would not find a home.

Finally, a woman named Linda Snyder sent a message to RACC on social media. She and her dog, Ollie, live on a five-acre property in Fredericksburg. She felt like Oreo was meant to join them.

“There was just something special about this dog that made her want to open [her] home to him,” Peters said. “She said that if he can spend the rest of his golden years walking around her 5 acres in Fredericksburg it will be the best.”

Oreo had a happy ending. He has a quiet, peaceful forever home in the country.

Source: The Dodo
Photos: Richmond Animal Care and Control

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