Police Officer Rescued Dog Beaten By Owner With A Brick, Adopted The Pooch

One poor dog who had a very hard life is now going to be taken care of and protected. Neighbors called to report the dog was being beaten by his owner with a brick and a belt.

Police arrested the dog's owner, and one officer bonded with the injured pup immediately. He offered to foster the dog, and ultimately adopted him.

On Sunday, police in Cleveland, Ohio were called by residents of Harvard Avenue. Locals reported a man was beating a dog in the middle of the street.

The man whipped the dog with his belt and hit the pup in the face with a brick.

Police arrived and found the battered puppy, but the owner, identified as 25-year-old Peris Rice, had fled. Thanks to witnesses, police were able to find Rice and arrested him on Wednesday.

Rice has been charged with cruelty to animals. He pleaded not guilty on Thursday in Cleveland Municipal Court, and was released on a $5,000 bond.

Fourth District Patrol Officer Brandon Melbar was one of the officers on the scene.

Though the dog had been through the ringer, he happily climbed into the patrol car. Melbar could tell the dog had a very sweet disposition, and he took a liking to the pup right away.

"Right when I first saw him, he was extremely playful and friendly," Melbar said. "I knew he needed a place to go, and I've been looking for a dog so I decided to take him in."

Harvard is a pit bull, and pit bulls have a bad reputation so they can be hard to place. Melbar was happy to foster the dog, but it wasn't long before the officer announced that he'd be adopting the dog.

Melbar had fostered another dog about six months ago, and though he helped that dog find a good home, the idea of owning a dog must have grown on him. He hit it off with Harvard so well, he couldn’t pass up another pup.

He renamed the pup 'Harvard'. The VCA Great Lakes Vet Specialists tended to the dog's injuries on his face, legs and paws.

The animal advocacy group Badges for Bullies took care of the medical bills, and police are taking up donations for Harvard's ongoing care.

The pup appears to be recuperating quickly and is in good spirits.

"[Harvard's] doing great," Melbar said Thursday.

While it's very sad that poor Harvard had to go through such abuse, it's good to know that he'll never have to worry about that kind of treatment again.

It looks like the Cleveland police just have a soft spot for dogs. Another officer recently helped rescue a pup, and he ended up keeping the poor dog.

He brought home a pregnant dog, and he and his wife decided to keep her. Not only that, but they kept all of her puppies as well.

Lyons' wife took a cute picture of her husband sleeping in a makeshift pen with the dog when he first brought her home to help keep her calm.

Dogs in Cleveland can rest easy—the Cleveland Police Department has their backs.

Source: We Love Animals, Cleveland
Photo: Facebook

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