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Police Initiate A Manhunt After Seeing The Photos She Posted Online

A 22-year-old UK woman has been banned from owning horses after she was seen in pictures online riding a too-skinny ex-racehorse.

Charlotte McPherson was reported to the RSPCA when pics of her riding the horse at a public event in March surfaced.

In the pictures, she had covered the hindquarters of the animal with an exercise sheet that prevented event organizers from being able to see the protruding bones of the near-skeletal animal.

When official photographs of the event were released on Facebook, McPherson was reported to animal charities by more than a dozen people.

McPherson, a resident of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, eventually admitted to two counts of animal cruelty.

The woman was charged with causing unnecessary suffering by failing to investigate and treat the cause of his poor condition, and failing to protect him from pain, suffering, injury and disease by riding him.

McPherson, a resident of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, eventually admitted to two counts of animal cruelty.

Her sentence includes a ban on owning horses for 10 years, as assigned by a Birmingham Magistrates' Court this week.

McPherson also received a 12-month community order to carry out 160 hours' unpaid work and must pay £300 costs and a £60 victim fee.

RSPCA inspector Suzi Smith commented on the case: "Thor looked incredibly thin and you could see pretty much every bone in his body. He was obviously unwell, and after a vet examined his body, his body condition was rated zero out of five because he was that thin.”

Smith went on: "McPherson continued to ride him twice a week in this condition… Not only was he thin, but he had a sore on his spine which was directly underneath the saddle. Thor would have been in a lot of pain while he was being ridden."

It was eventually determined that Thor's weight loss was due to a high worm egg count from not being wormed.

Smith concluded the interview with good news about Thor: "Within five months, he had put on weight and been properly wormed, where he soon showed that he had a zero worm egg count.”

Source: Telegraph
Photo: AWM

Woman arrested for animal abuse.

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