Patch The Dog Can Howl "Mama" Just As Well As Baby Sam

Dogs and babies almost always get along well, and both bring a lot of fun and smiles into a home. In some cases, you can even make magic when you mix dogs and babies together, and that is clearly true for the Diaz-Giovanini family who live in Utah.

New mom Andrea decided to try bribing her nine-month-old boy Sam so she could finally hear the word “mama” come out of his mouth, but it turned out that “someone” else was more interested in saying “mama” than Sam.

Take a couple of minutes to watch this video, and you will see the Diaz-Giovanini family’s adorable and highly intelligent dog Patch listen to his mistress, then howl “mama” a few times in an effort to earn the treat.

Not only is this video both heart-warming and hilarious, Patch’s cute howl imitating Andrea sounds remarkably close to a human baby’s “mama’.

Also notice the dog constantly kept his eyes locked on the food that Andrea had in her hand, so he obviously knew exactly what was up from the get-go.

The hilarity of the whole scene is redoubled when Sam realizes that Patch is trying to become the star of his show, and isn’t too happy about it!

Note that Patch is a miniature Australian Shepard Dog who has had a lot of training and is extremely loyal and trustworthy. In fact, Patch is really a member of the family, as Patch has assisted with the recovery of Sam’s grandma, who had suffered a brain injury in a serious car accident.

Patch was trained so that whenever he notices that grandma seems to be having a seizure, he immediately alerts another family member to the issue.

Not surprisingly, the rib-tickling video of Sam and Patch learning how to say “mama” received over 10.5 million views on YouTube in just the first two weeks after it was posted.

A lot of the posters who left comments expressed their concern that the video did not show Patch getting a reward for speaking as requested.

A poster named Simple Villain remarked: “That dog deserves more than just that bite of food after that!”

“Thank you for posting this :-) I really wanted to know if the dog was rewarded for being a genius,” another commenter said.

A fourth poster argues that Patch has most definitely earned a treat: “The dog was so desperately wanting the foods that he will do anything to please. And he definitely EARNS it fair and square! I hope the mom gave the dog the reward he needed, the dog is so adorable (and the baby too of course) that it almost cruel not to.”

The good news is that it turns out there was nothing to worry about after all. The family posted a follow-up video on YouTube a bit later that shows a happy Patch enjoying the treat he so richly deserves.

“For the many concerned individuals claiming that the dog from “Dog Says Mama, Baby Can’t” never got a treat, here is one brief clip of just one bite he got from that night,” read the caption on the second video.

Source: Animal Channel
Photo: YouTube

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