Parents Hire Drug Sniffing Dog Team To Search Teen's Room - Floored By What’s Found

Kentucky parents were a little worried that their teen had been experimenting with marijuana. They hired a private K-9 service to send dogs to sniff around the teen's room, and were stunned to find something much worse.

The K-9 team owner says that in about 90 percent of cases when parents hire him, the dogs find something.

The company, situated in the 'Kentuckiana' area, the metropolitan area near the Kentucky/Indiana border, is called 'The Last Chance K9 Service'. Owner Michael Davis says that in about 90 percent of all cases when parents hire his dog team, they find drugs hidden in the home.

Sometimes it's marijuana, sometimes it's more serious issues such as methamphetamine or cocaine.

One mom and dad in Louisville were afraid that their child had smoked a few joints. When they hired the company, they were shocked when dogs discovered four grams of heroin tucked into a pair of tube socks in the teen's drawer.

Davis recalls another case in which a teen stashed his marijuana in a box of children's cereal in the cabinet. The teen said no one in the house ever ate that brand.

More and more K-9 companies have been sprouting up across the country. For some parents, it may be their only hope in finding out if their teen is developing a drug problem before it's too late.

"I'm not a snooping parent," said one father known only as James to the Courier-Journal. "I want my daughter to be able to trust me, but I gotta protect her."

"I know girls can be sneaky and hide things in places I wouldn't even think of."

James saw a billboard advertising a K-9 private service that'll sniff out drugs for $99, and thought it would be a worthwhile investment.

"I was so nervous," James said. "What can occur from letting this stranger in my house with a drug dog? But it's been nothing but positive."

James scheduled the search for a time when his daughter was in school. He prayed that his suspicions were wrong, but the dog searching the house headed straight to the teen's room and up to the girl's make-up table. The dog found a glass pipe of marijuana hidden in an Altoids can.

"My heart just sank," said the devastated father "I would have easily overlooked it."

Davis counseled James on how to handle the situation. "Don't yell or scream at her. Just sit down and talk to her. Be stern but be cool, calm and collected."

Davis, who was in the military and has tactical training when it comes to sniffing out everything from drugs to bombs, says it's not just private homes that his dogs search. He also gets hired by many businesses, though he's not at liberty to name any of them.

Employees with drug habits might want to mind what they leave in the desk drawers when the office is empty.

Ultimately, though, Davis says he hopes to help parents who are at a loss for what to do about their kids. Davis remembers experimenting with drugs as a youth, and though he never got addicted, he does remember what it did to some of his friends.

He and his fiancée also had a terrible experience with an addict; the man attacked her when she was pregnant for money, and she ended up losing the baby.

So for Davis, it's personal. He hopes that his business will be on the front lines of the war against drugs.

"We want to take drugs off the streets," he said. "What we do is help the family fix the issue.... We're not the police."

Source: Courier Journal
Photo: Courier Journal, Washington Post

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