Man Has Message For Owner Of Pit Bulls That Mauled His Wife

Christmas Eve was a time of joy for families across the globe, but it turned into something out of a horror movie for an older couple in Tennessee. John Saylor was inside his living room when his wife, 66-year-old Lorraine Saylor went outside to feed her cats as part of her morning routine.

Just moments later, John would hear screams of terror coming from outside. He would rush to see what the heck was going on and encounter an absolutely horrifying sight: his wife was being savagely attacked by a pair of pit bulls that had broken loose.

John immediately leapt to his wife’s aid and tried to ward off the ferocious dogs. His wife had already been bitten a number of times, and they began to savage him as well.

Unable to beat the dogs away, he ran inside to grab his firearm. He shot and killed one of the dogs, but the other one fled the scene from that point.

In the end, Lorraine was dead. She had been completely mauled to death by the loose and dangerous animals.

“I said, ‘Oh God, Oh no! Please no!’"

"I checked her pulse just in case,” John recalls.

As AWM shares, animal control would locate the other pit bull and euthanize it. An investigation ensued, and it was determined that the dogs belonged to 42-year-old Dale Lankford.

It took some doing to track him down, and it turns out he had been arrested just days earlier. Lankford was behind bars in Bell County, Kentucky on the day of the fateful attack.

The stunning incident has sparked a ton of outrage in the quiet community that the Saylors called home. Many local residents are calling for Lankford to be punished to the fullest extent of the law due to the woman’s death, but it’s unclear what kind of charges he may have leveled against him.

It also remains unclear exactly how the dogs got loose. Lankford was arrested on December 22, and the attack happened two days later.

Did the dogs break free due to lack of attention from their owner? Were they not being tended to properly prior to getting loose and going on the prowl?

Are there any signs that Lankford may have raised the animals to promote a violent streak? All of these questions remain unanswered. For John, none of that really matters.

He’s completely torn up over the loss of his wife, who he describes as a “kind-hearted woman.” John is prohibited from speaking directly with Lankford due to the ongoing investigation, but he had a message for him during an interview with the local media.

There is absolutely no question in his mind as to who is responsible for this tragic situation.

“I’m sure he will see this. I hope he does,” he said.

“He’s responsible for my wife’s death.”

Many folks are completely scared to death of pit bulls, and this story certainly won’t help quell those fears. This is the second deadly attack to gain headlines in recent times, as a 22-year-old Virginia woman was killed by a pair of pit bulls back on December 14.

In that case, the dogs belonged to the woman. She was merely out for a walk with them when they turned on her.

Source: AWM
Photo: ABC News

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