Man Finds An Abandoned Bag, Looks Inside - Acts Quickly To Save A Life

The cruelty of some people towards animals is absolutely mind boggling. The case of animal cruelty described below has a happy ending, but unfortunately, a great many cases do not have such a positive resolution.

One day, a man who was driving a recreational vehicle in the California desert came across what seemed to be an abandoned duffle bag. At first, he was just going to drive on by the beat up blue duffel bag. That kind of trash is all too common in the desert these days, and so he
thought nothing about it.

Then he saw the bag move. That’s when the man knew he had to stop and see what was inside the duffel bag.

It turns out a small white terrier who had been abandoned was in the bag.

The Victor Valley Animal Protective League explained what happened in a Facebook post.
“Fortunately, the dog was found before suffering any harm, saving him from a horrific death.”

Although they don’t know how long he was in the duffel bag or who put him there, the lucky dog is doing well today.

In their post, the league notes: “We named the sweet boy Duff, and he’s now in a forever home thanks to a Good Samaritan.”

Source: Honest To Paws
Photo: AWM

Dog rescued by Good Samaritan.

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