Man Can’t Stop This Adorable Mini Horse From Chasing Him Around

Everybody loves miniature horses. They’re so cute, highly intelligent and love to play. Check out this video of a miniature horse foal playing around a barn with his owner for a fun experience!

Rancher Sterling Bartow was working in his barn when he noticed he seemed to have another shadow. When he looked up to see what it was, he saw the cutest baby mini horse.

This barely a minute long video clip shows the tiny little foal prancing around as it follows Bartow as he starts to run around the barn. The two of them play chase for 30 or 40 seconds and then the man calls to his wife who is outside the barn with a dog on a leash.

The cute miniature horse foal is barely half the size of the big dog, and while not scared of the dog, the baby horse does seem a bit unsure what to think about the big animal. The clip ends a few seconds later after the foal scampers around at the door of the barn next to the dog then takes off back inside the barn.

Source: HeroViral
Photo: YouTube

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