Loyal Chihuahua Refuses To Leave Gravesite Of Beloved Owner

As anyone that has ever lost a loved one can attest, the scars never completely heal. While time is said to heal all, you simply can’t heal the pain that comes from losing someone that you are incredibly close with.

As time moves along, acceptance and understanding are slowly achieved, but the pain never completely goes away. It can even rear its head when you least expect it, but the passage of time will also afford you with the knowledge you need to work your way through the feelings you are experiencing.

In a nutshell, that describes the grieving process that many humans go through.

But what about our four-legged friends? How do they process the passing of someone that they love with all of their heart?

If you think it’s no great shakes to them as long as they have someone else to care for them, think again. Pets feel the loss of a beloved owner dramatically, but they’re not as well equipped as we are to process and understand things.

As Inside Edition shares, a heartbreaking video has been making the rounds that really helps to drive that point home.

Theresa and Mike Morini are caring for an adorable five-year-old Chihuahua mix named Deta. Theresa’s mother passed away at the age of 86 last year, and the daughter was more than happy to welcome Deta into her home.

While Deta has adapted and shares a loving relationship with her new family, it’s clear that things just aren’t the same in her world. When Theresa visits her mother’s gravesite, she’s sure to bring Deta along, and something remarkable happens every time. When it’s time to go, Deta essentially refuses to leave.

“It broke my heart. Deta and my mother were inseparable. Wherever my mother went, Deta followed," Theresa explains. “Is my mother's spirit still here? I don't know. It does bring me comfort and I think it brings her comfort too.”

In the video, Deta nestles up next to her owners headstone, and a sense of both sadness and comfort seems to be coming over the little pup. She knows exactly where she is at this point, and it’s almost as if she’s patiently awaiting a miracle that’s simply not going to happen.

“That stone Deta is laying next to belongs to my father and mother,” Theresa added. “You can still see the fresh dirt on my mother’s grave.”

When it was time to go, Theresa tried to nudge Deta along, but the doggie isn’t having it.

“Come on Deta, let’s go,” Theresa calls.

Eventually, Theresa is left with no alternative but to scoop up the tiny pup and get on her way. It’s a truly heartbreaking scene that demonstrates the special relationship that Deta had with her owner.

Theresa notes that her mom and the dog were inseparable and that she would even sneak Deta into the hospital so that they could be together when she fell ill. When they arrive at the cemetery where her mom is laid to rest, Deta scurries by all of the other gravesites and knows exactly where to go.

It’s a remarkable clip that’s both poignant and heartbreaking. Losing a loved one will certainly knock you for a loop, and that applies to both humans and animals.

Source: Inside Edition
Photo: Inside Edition

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