If You See This Creature, Call For Help - It’s Been Appearing Across The U.S.

An environmental scientist in Florida looked down in his driveway one day and was shocked to see an unusual creature. After doing a little research, he learned the creature was far away from home. Now he's warning people about the creepy crawly.

Christopher McVoy said he spotted a New Guinea Flatworm on his property in Florida. The worm, which is dark brown, small and slimy looking, comes from the South Pacific and is currently invading southern and south-western states. The oddest thing about this worm is that its mouth is in the middle of its belly.

Investigators believe the flatworms made their way to the U.S. in flowerpots of exotic plants and trees shipped to the states. They're one of the worst invasive species in the world, so they can wreak havoc on the local ecosystem.

The flatworms also carry a dangerous infection. This infection can spread to animals and humans. In humans, it may cause brain and spinal cord damage, so experts are warning people not to touch the worms.

If you think you see a New Guinea Flatworm, take pictures and send them to local authorities to have it identified. Researchers are hoping to stop the spread so they don't cause more disease or do any more damage.

Source: Your Nation News
Photo: Your Nation News

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