Girls Post A ‘Funny’ Video Online - Viewers Demand Police Arrest Them

No matter how well they are raised, there’s always a risk that teenagers will make some poor choices. The age range is simply ripe with opportunities for trouble, and the best you can hope for as a parent is that your overall message sticks. When that comes to fruition, the mistakes lean towards the range of ‘that wasn’t very bright,’ and hopefully very far away from the range of ‘You did what?????’

As the Daily News explains, a trio of teenage girls squarely fell in the latter camp, and there was even some video evidence of their disturbing deeds making the rounds on social media. The girls, aged 13 and 14, are from the area of Jacksonville, Florida, and they can now tout another descriptive phrase on their future resumes. That phrase would be ‘someone that has been charged with animal cruelty,’ but we’ll have to wait and see if the charges stick and they will have a permanent record attached to their names.

The disturbing video that appeared online showed the trio assaulting a defenseless bunny rabbit. The poor rabbit was flung against the wall several times for their own amusement, and they giggled and laughed their way through the whole incident. It appears that the actual thud of the bunny hitting the wall was a catalyst for even more laughter. The bunny attempts to escape at one point, but one of the girls callously kicked it to prevent that from happening.

As the girls and their parents are now fully aware, things that appear online do not just magically disappear. The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office became aware of it, and they were able to track down the perpetrators. The girls were arrested and are now facing charges of animal cruelty. The bunny was reportedly transported to a local animal shelter to be treated for a broken leg after being located at the home.

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: Snapchat

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