Family Shocked When Cat Came Home With Bag Full Of Drugs

One family had a great opportunity to trot out the old saying about what the cat dragged in. In their case, their kitty dragged in a bag of illegal narcotics.

The owners called police to come and gather the massive haul, but they can't help but wonder now what their housepet has been up to at night.

Cats are always dragging things home, but usually, it's a mouse or a bird. One cat in a Bristol neighborhood dragged in a plastic shopping bag full of crack cocaine and heroin.

The owner of the cat found the bag next to the pet's bed. The cat was in the bed, curled up and fast asleep.

The worried owner wondered what kind of trash the kitty might have brought into the house, and was stunned when they saw the contents of the bag-- small off-white powders packaged in plastic wrap bundles.

The shocked owner called the local police, who came to pick up the contents of the bag. Though they suspect the substances to be crack cocaine and heroin, they have sent the items to a lab for testing.

The police put up a post on their Twitter page about the cat's antics. "Look what the cat dragged in," the post joked. "Great result in St Paul's when a resident's cat brought this in during the night! The owner got a bit of a shock but called us straight away!"

“Forget police dogs, we should start training up cats,” they added later. “Apparently the owner found this in the cat's bed, with the feline curled up next to it!”

So far, no arrests have been made regarding the drugs. The owner is stumped about how his cat came across the stash, or why the feline decided to bring it back home.

Twitter users who read the post were suspicious.

"Cat's usually don't drag plastic bags home.. something doesn't really add up here," said one person.

"And the evidence to suggest the cat physically brought the drugs home is....? Was it seen doing it? Was there video evidence, or does the cat have some very guilty owners?" said another.

To some people, that didn't make sense. "Why tf would they call the cops on their own damn selves?" a person asked.

Some said it's not that unusual. "Cats can drag home many odd things. Cats do like bags," one person pointed out.

Others are suggesting that maybe police departments should stop hiring K-9s and start hiring cats.

"Looks like the Police have stumbled on a new Drugs detector!! Recruit Cats to sniff out Drugs! They will be much cheaper to feed than a Dog etc!" another said.

Some people just think the man is crazy for having turned it in. "What a Stupid man!!" one person tweeted.

Another simply said, "I need that cat."

Somewhere out there in St. Paul, Bristol is a frantic drug dealer who somehow made a very expensive mistake. Maybe the bag dropped out of his apartment, or maybe it was left hidden for someone to pick up.

Either way, the person has been thwarted. To protect the family, the names of the owners and the cat are being withheld.

Source: Metro
Photos: ASPolice Ashley/Twitter, Pixabay

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