Dog's Foster Mom Has Hard Time Giving It Up, Gets A Huge Surprise

A year ago, Cookie, a Boxer, was rescued by the NorthWest Boxer Rescue and placed with a foster family. Cookie grew up in the family, and it came time for her to be adopted into a forever home.

There was one problem — Cookie's foster mom was struggling with the idea of letting the pup go. When she was asked to bring Cookie to meet with a potential adoptive family, she was stunned when she got the paperwork.

Nikki had been volunteering as a foster mom for rescue dogs for more than a year, so she knew the ropes. However, when Cookie came into her life, the two just bonded.

Nikki fell in love, so when it came time for Cookie to be placed in a forever home, it nearly broke her heart.

Nikki says that she just kept crying in the days leading up to the appointment to meet a potential adoptive family. She tried to brace herself for letting Cookie go, though, like a good doggie foster mom does.

When the day for the appointment came, she put Cookie on a leash and headed off to meet the new family with hope in her heart that everything would work out for the beloved pooch.

When Nikki got to the shelter, she was greeted by Jessica, the Area Coordinator. However, the potential adopters were nowhere to be found. Nikki was disappointed, thinking they were a no-show. She asked if Jessica had the number, so she could call the people.

That's when Jessica handed Nikki a folder about the 'adoptive family'. When she started looking through the paperwork, she was stunned to see her own name.

It turns out that her husband, Tim, realized how attached that Nikki and Cookie had become, and he realized that separating them wouldn’t be right. Cookie needed a forever home, and he knew that he and his wife could give her one.

He arranged it with Jessica that the couple would adopt Cookie themselves.

Nikki just stared at the paperwork in the folder, seeing her own name, her own phone number, and appeared very perplexed at first. Then Jessica explained to her, “That's who's adopting her! Cookie, give your mom a kiss!"

Nikki burst into tears, hugging and kissing her lovable pup. Cookie looked so happy in Nikki's arms, it is doubtful the dog would have gone willingly, anyway.

"You get to stay," Nikki cried to Cookie. "You get to stay with mommy!"

"You have no idea how friggin’ happy I am right now. I have been crying for four days."

A video of Nikki crying and hugging Cookie has gone viral, and it's enough to bring tears to the eyes of anyone who has ever loved a pet. Just like any two human friends can find a strong bond and become like family, sometimes a human and an animal can find that kind of bond. The idea of being separated can be distressing and agonizing.

“We are happy to report that Cookie is still very much loved by Nicki and an important part of their family three years later," said a recent update from the NorthWest Boxer Rescue.

Source: iHeart, Little Things
Photo: YouTube

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