Dog Went Back To The Shelter 11 Times - They Finally Realize What He’s Doing

A 7 year old hound named Gumby has become famous at the Charleston Animal Shelter. That’s because Gumby is an escape artist and he has been to the shelter on 11 separate occasions. It turns out Gumby has been adopted out 7 times, given up to the CAS eight times, and picked up as a stray three times.

The staff at the CAS say Gumby is a highly intelligent and energetic animal, and was likely a hunting dog before his first arrival. Workers noted he was a friendly social dog, so they adopted him out to a nice home…but it only lasted for 3 days.

Gumby lasted a whole six days at his second adoption. His third adoption was a Houdini-like experience, as he was found as a stray on the streets after escaping from his home on four occasions, and his owner was forced to give up on Gumby.

The fourth adoption was a little bit better. Gumby was gone for an entire four months, but he eventually returned again as a stray. The fifth adoption was just over months, but Gumby was found on the streets more than 30 miles away from Charleston.

Gumby escaped from the home three times in his seventh placement. The staff at CAS got together and decided that Gumby was clearly happier there as he was very social.

Of note, Gumby has not escaped once since his permanent adoption at the shelter, and the staff say his clam demeanor and sociability is very reassuring to new arrivals at the facility.

Source: HeroViral
Photo: Charleston Animal Society via HeroViral

Seems like he was happier at the rescue!

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