Doctor Drove Around Town With Dead Dog Stuck In Car Grill

A doctor in Russia, who also happens to be a local politician, is not very popular these days after a video of his car went viral. The man apparently hit a dog with his car, and the dog was stuck in the grill for several days.

Reports say initially when the dog was hit it was alive, but days later, still trapped in the front end of the car, it was dead. The doctor said he had no idea.

Valery Piskovets, a physician and district counselor near Taganrog, was caught driving around with a dead dog wedged in the grill of his car. The poor animal's legs were hanging out, with the rest of its body trapped.

According to reports, the doctor hit the car and just kept going.

Some say the dog was alive when it was first hit, but it died after being neglected. Days later the carcass was spotted still hanging from the man’s car.

A person who witnessed the accident days earlier was disturbed by the fact that the dog’s body was still stuck on the vehicle and filmed it.

"The dog was still alive when he knocked it down. Many witnesses confirmed that he had been driving with the dog's body like this for several days," said Victoria Taranenko, who filmed the picture of the dead dog in the bumper.

"A dog can't be asleep for several days in the same position, baring its teeth like only a dead animal," Taranenko concluded.

"It happened about a week ago. Within an hour this event had turned into some murky situation," said a Russian blogger.

Piskovets was accused of animal cruelty, but the doctor claims he had no idea there was a problem. When asked how the dog got wedged in, he responded, "I've got no clue."

The doctor also says he's dealing with the matter through local authorities. "I am too busy to comment now. I am talking to prosecutors, and to police... We are calmly going through the motions."

The councilor’s political party, United Russia, got a lot of flak over the scandal. They have disowned the doctor over the incident and are distancing themselves from him.

At least one deputy who works with Piskovets refuses to believe the doctor did anything wrong. He believes Piskovets was framed, and that the footage was photoshopped.

"Valery Piskovets is a kind person and a wonderful doctor. Now the whole village is ready to prove his innocence. If he really knocked the dog down, he would provide medical assistance," said Deputy Lyudmila Pekhtereva.

"Well, how can you not notice a dead animal on the bumper of your car for several days? And someone would tell him about the dog's body," Pekhtereva continued.  

Pekhtereva expects that at the next meeting of deputies, the incident will be brought up and discussed. She believes fellow deputies will support the doctor. She also believes they will discuss the problem of stray dogs out on the roads.

Others are baffled by the doctor’s claim that he didn’t know the large dog’s body was wedged behind the grill. With the paws sticking out and all, how can someone not notice a dead animal stuck on his car?

Source: MailOnline
Photo: YouTube

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