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Animal Rights Activist Jumps Into Ring To Save 'Victim'- Gets More Than He Bargained For

Some people take certain causes so seriously that they're willing to give up their lives for their convictions. One man in France risked his own life to save a bull. The man jumped into a bullfighting ring to protest the activity. Just as he was fighting to free the bull, the animal gored him.

Shaky spectator video from the audience captured the scene in which the protester was injured by the animal he was trying to protect. A bullfighter was in the ring with the animal in Carcassone, southern France, on Sunday when two activists jumped in with him unexpectedly.

A man and woman jumped into the ring and began screaming and distracting the bull. The bull charged at the defenseless man. The woman ran out of the ring, while the bull gave the man the horns-- literally.

After goring the man and laying him flat, the bull was about to proceed with the vicious attack. Fortunately for the man, the matadors jumped in and came to his rescue. Waving their capes and using their skills, they managed to distract the bull and lure him away from the injured man's body until he could be removed from the arena.

The protester, who is reportedly in his thirties, suffered from a 'long but not deep wound', according to reports. He was brought to a local hospital to have his wounds examined.

The female activist, who was not harmed, was arrested by police immediately.

These two were not the first two bullfight protesters who decided to jump into the ring and risk their lives for the cause. Just weeks ago, a topless man jumped into a ring with the message 'Macron, you can stop this' written across his chest.

It's a good guess that his message was meant for French President Emmanuel Macron.

The man also carried a sign that said, "No to the Corrida, save the bulls."

The man has been identified as a member of the Vegan Strike Group, a group that says its mission is to promote veganism and fight animal abuse.

"Our mission is to reach as many people as possible and to think about how we deal with farm animals, animals and animals in, among other things, bullfighting arenas. We do this by ludicrously asking for animal suffering," the group says on its Facebook page.

Bullfighting is thought as outdated and barbaric blood sport by many people. Even with opposition and the threat of death to both animal and humans, it still continues as part of a long-standing tradition in many countries, including southern France, India, Tanzania, Spain, Portugal and throughout Latin America. Spain defines it as an art form and cultural event, giving organizers the freedom to continue planning events.

Even more controversial is the fact that in many countries, it's publicly funded by the government.

Because of the danger involved, the media has cancelled live coverage of the events, as bullfights are considered too violent for children who may be watching.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Facebook

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