Amazing Dog Gives Fellow Canine A Helping Paw

We humans give ourselves so much credit for our intelligence. We know, for example, that if we see someone stuck somewhere, we should try to help that person find a way out.

But we might not be that much smarter than any other animals. Dogs, for example, can apparently figure out the same thing.

One YouTube video that's going viral shows a pup who realizes his friend is in danger. He assesses the situation and has the perfect solution.

The video shows a little pit bull named Knuckles who got caught out in the snow. Poor Knuckles was trapped by a big trash bin, stuck behind a snow bank.

It’s unclear how he got stuck behind there, but with his little legs he couldn't seem to get through. He was in over his head and he was starting to panic.

No matter how much his owner tried to call him over, he just couldn’t figure out a way to get over those large snow hills.

His pal, a German shepherd named Kanawha, was looking on with concern. His ears up, Kanawha realized that Knuckles had gotten himself in a bit of a spot.

When Knuckles looked around in distress, wondering what to do, Kanawha seemed to sense something was wrong. Kanawha looked back to the human filming every few seconds with concern in his eyes, as if to ask, "What are we going to do?"

When Knuckles simply couldn't get over the snow bank, the larger Kanawha came to the rescue. Kanawha trudged through the snow toward Knuckles, cutting a path.

The German shepherd lept little by little through the bank, compacting all the snow down, until he made a path all the way to Knuckles.

"Good job, buddy," the human filming the dogs said. "Good job."

Kanawha then turned and went back up the path he created. Knuckles happily followed, thankful to have gotten out of the troubling spot.

As soon as Knuckles made it through the trail in the snow, Kanawha turned around and playfully nipped at Knuckles' head, as if to call him a knucklehead and chastise him for getting himself stuck.

It is amazing how a dog can solve a problem like that, but it looks like Kanawha didn’t have a problem with the puzzle. It must be in his blood; German shepherds have been used by humans for ages to rescue people who have been lost in the snow or trapped in avalanches.

Usually, St. Bernards get credit for being snow rescue dogs, but it’s actually German shepherds like Kanawha who are well-suited to the task because they’re such an agile and intelligent breed.

In general, when there is an emergency, it pays to have a dog around. One couple who run a wildlife sanctuary were glad to have their wolf/dog hybrid Shana with them.

The elderly couple got trapped in a snow storm and couldn't get to their house. They would have surely frozen to death had it not been for Shana, who dug a tunnel through 200 feet of snow to give them a path to safety.

Shana then pulled the 81-year-olds to the house, and used his body to cover them and keep them warm until help arrived.

When one six-year-old from Missouri went missing one freezing night, the family's two dogs also disappeared. The dogs had found the boy first and kept him warm all night by covering him and shielding him from the cold.

Rescuers found him five hours later and credit the dogs for keeping the child safe.

Source: Faith Tap, KSL
Photo: YouTube

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