MRI Facility Posts Bizarre Scan of Creature - Social Media Explodes

Guessing games can always spark an interesting conversation, and that’s especially true in today’s day and age. After all, our always-connected environment makes it rather easy to find folks that are interested in some good old-fashioned time wasting.

In extreme cases, you can even attract folks from all over the place to join in and guess away. That’s what happened when the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) facility at the University of California, Berkeley Brain Imaging Center posted this rather intriguing brain teaser on social media.

This wasn’t a simple riddle or anything either. Instead, a visual clue was included that asked users to identify what it was. The clue came in the form of one of its scans, which just so happened to be of some kind of bizarre creature that had gone through the scanner. To top it all off, the strange little guy or gal had a look of absolute terror on its face.

“Name the species!” the facility posted.

Soon thereafter, the guesses would start flying.

“It's a Porg,” wrote one user.

“Dead salmon,” guessed one commenter.

“Clown fish,” said one poster.

Ben Inglis, who manages the facility, also maintains a blog that details some of the odd scans that the facility has been asked to conduct in the past. He’s posted about about scanning the brains of dead dolphins and whales, and he’s also provided readers with insight into the scans of the active brains of trained dogs.

Inglis obviously is a big fan of not taking his work too seriously, and that’s been demonstrated by another post that featured video of his team dangling metal objects into an old MRI machine that was due to be taken out of service. He would offer up some additional clues on his latest contribution to social media, but it doesn’t seem like it helped all that much.

“More slices from the same T2-weighted data set. It lives in the sea, but it's not a fish!” he wrote.

The guesses would continue to fly in for some time, and many were wildly off the mark - albeit quite humorous.

“Deadlinus panicus?” wrote one user.

“Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy,” posted one commenter.

“Finally a picture of Willy!”

Eventually, Inglis had his fill of the guesses, and he would spill the beans - but he was careful to warn folks before doing so.

“Don’t read this tweet if you want to keep guessing!” he wrote. “It’s a California sea lion, about 1 yr. Old. Euthanized b/c of leptospirosis.”

While this is an amusing aside, it’s actually an intriguing way to get more folks interested in the science behind the tests that help make sure we all keep ticking at optimal efficiency. The benefits of the MRI scan are many, as they can offer doctors an inside look at what’s really going on.

The test can save a ton of time, as well as plenty of unnecessary poking and prodding. Of course, don’t let the look of terror on this poor little creature’s face scare you away - the scan is painless.

Source: Live Science
Photo: practiCal fMRI‏/Twitter

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