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Amazing K-9 Comfort Dogs Arrive In Texas To Help The Healing

There’s not much that can be said or done to help the families of the victims of the horrific mass shooting event in Sutherland, Texas.

The same applies to the surrounding community. It’s going to take time for things to get back to normal in this small town, and that’s exacerbated by the fact that the event is being politicized every which way you look.

The community didn’t ask for this unfathomable event to happen, nor does it have any desire to be treated as a partisan talking point.

While the loudest voices get all of the attention whenever a situation such as this arises, there are a ton of properly grounded folks that know now is not the time for political nonsense. The community needs a whole lot of compassion and understanding, but there’s nothing that can be said that will heal the pain.

A small sense of comfort can be found in the compassion and understanding that does come their way, including the efforts of these awesome pooches.

As Inside Edition shares, nine ambassadors of the K-9 Comfort Dogs have arrived on the scene to do what they can. As Lutheran Church Charities president Tim Hetzner explained, that’s more than enough.

"The dogs are always a hit. Some pet them. Some hug them. Some start crying when they hug them. There are things dogs do that humans just can't. When you've been through a disaster, many humans feel like they have to say something.

Like 'You'll get over this,' or 'You'll get through this.' We say stupid things," he explained. "Dogs don't say stupid things," he said. "Dogs are good listeners. They're confidential. They're nonjudgmental. They're safe."

Hetzner explained that the dogs are making a world of difference for those affected, including the first responders that are traumatized by something they never thought they would have to be dealing with in such a tiny town.

"This is a small town, so many of the first responders are volunteers," he said. "They have a volunteer fire department."

One of those volunteers came to see the dogs, and it seemed to make a world of difference.

"We spent time with her, she had to process the crime scene. She knew people in that church. She said, 'This is the first time I've smiled in three days,'" he added. "Crying is a key part of the body healing itself. When you're crying, you're healing."

There’s a big old lesson inside of there for those that use the horrifying incident as yet another opportunity to spout off partisan bullet points. There are real lives that have been affected here, and they will never be the same as a result of what they’ve experienced.

It’s seemingly far too easy for those that just have to get their points out there to dismiss that. That’s equal parts troubling and mind-blowing. Times of tragedy call for compassion and understanding, and there’s no room for anything else.

Perhaps more folks can start taking the lead of these wonderful animals instead, and give the talking points a well-deserved rest.

Source: Inside Edition
Photo: YouTube

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