12-Year-Old Lands In Hot Water After Posting This Photo To Social Media (Photos)

Alertness and recognizing danger is the key to personal safety in the great outdoors. Just ask 12-year-old Alyssa Caldwell.

Texan Joshua Caldwell and his daughter Alyssa were elk hunting at the edge of a meadow in New Mexico’s unit 52 close to Colorado.

After no luck earlier in the day, the duo decided to stalk a meadow and see if any elk had come out to feed down lower on the mountain. However, Joshua realized he had left the shooting sticks back in the blind a couple hundred yards back.

“I decided to head back up to grab them and told Alyssa to sit tight,” he remarked. “About 30 to 45 seconds after I had started walking, I heard a shot.”

He figured she had killed an elk.

“I asked if she had shot a bull?” he noted with a smile. “She told me she had shot a cat. He was only about five yards away from her. She thought quick. When I saw how close he was, I got emotional.”

Alyssa pointed out she was completely unaware the mountain lion was creeping up until she was looking right at him.

“I saw him first,” Alyssa elaborated. “I didn’t hear him or see him until he was really close. I didn’t know exactly what it was but I knew it wasn’t a bobcat. I raised my gun when he crouched down.”

The mountain lion was maybe five yards from the young hunter when she fired her gun, hitting the cat in the head and killing it instantly.

“I knew it was stalking me,” Alyssa explained. “I had a feeling right before that something was watching me. After I shot, I kept the gun on it the whole time. Dad ran back and he thought I had shot an elk. I told him I had shot a cat and he got real emotional.”

Source: Iso News
Photo: Lone Star Outdoor News

Girl shoots mountain lion stalking her.

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